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With more than 1,000 employees and an annual turnover of 360 million. EUR, Herma is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive technologies in Europe. It is a family-run and value-oriented innovative and sustainable business.

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HERMAexquisite adhesive Paper for Beverage Labels

he HERMAexquisite range for wine bottles is already well-known – it changes the appearance of a wine bottle in a special manner. But HERMAexquisite is used not only in the wine sector, since it is a well-established fact that expressive labels are essential for successful marketing. Thanks to HERMA multi-layer adhesive technology, such labels adhere perfectly even to wet surfaces. Therefore, HERMA materials can also be found on craft beers, which are becoming increasingly popular. The look of the bottles is a decisive factor. The look of the bottles is a decisive factor.

Using multi-layer technology, which means that two different adhesive layers are applied simultaneously, results amongst other things in excellent adhesive properties under cool/moist conditions. The “62W” adhesive masters even the particularly critical “cooler test” with flying colours: a label with this adhesive does not come off the bottle even after a long stay in a wine cooler or in the cool box. Thereby, HERMAexquisite also provides optimal technical conditions for visually appealing labels on beer bottles.

Hermo beverage label paper

HERMA Adhesive Paper for Food Packaging

„You eat with your eyes“ – this is true not only for food, but also for packaging and labels. But appearance is only one factor in labelling. Food labels are applied under extremely difficult conditions. Legal requirements must be considered as well. In particular, it must be ensured that the adhesive and label material do not migrate into the food.

  • High tack
  • Insensitive to moist and cold surfaces
  • Suitable for pasteurisation
  • Suitable for deep-freeze labels
  • Non-contact labelling
  • Good perforation qualities
  • Oil- and grease-repellent
Hermes adhesive paper for food packaging

HERMA Adhesive Paper for Cosmetic Labels

In the cosmetics industry, labels have to do more than just convey information. In no other sector are label appearance and design so important. Labels are a primary means of advertising: they communicate the brand image, attract attention, and influence buying decisions.

  • Insensitivity to water
  • Resistance to cleaning agents
  • Oil repellence
  • Good adhesion on small radii
  • Durability
  • Metallic look (high-quality appearance)
  • High transparency
  • Flexibility and pliability
  • Ruggedness
Hermes adhesive paper for cosmetics