Flexographic UV LED Inks


Fujifilm’s high-quality flexographic Sericol inks and varnishes give the products versatility, specially designed for exclusivity in label printing. The ink is especially suitable when you want to achieve various effects that would help to maximize the impression of the product label or packaging.

In 2020 Fujifilm entered the UV LED market with their new Flexo JJ ink series specially developed for the narrow web printing market.

Fujifilm Sericol logo

Fujifilm Sericol Flexo JJ

Flexo JJ UV LED inks are extremely fast curing and designed to print on the wide range of substrates and presses used in today’s Narrow Web market where print excellence is required. Integral to its high performance, Flexo JJ uses Fujifilm’s proprietary MicroV ultra fine dispersion technology and have been designed and manufactured at Fujifilm’s award winning facility that is part of the Fujifilm Ink Solutions Group.

Main benefits:

  • Extremely fast curing
  • Curable with UV and UV LED
  • Strong colour density
  • High gloss finish
  • Adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates
  • Low viscosity with good flow characteristics and wetting properties
  • PANTONE® Matching System
Suitable substrates:
  • PE
  • PP
  • PVC
  • TC-PE
  • TC-PP
  • PET
  • coated papers
  • some coated thermal papers
  • metallised foils

Fujifilm Sericol Flexo JJ752 Supernova White

Sericol Flexo JJ752 Supernova White is an ultra-opaque white ink with an extremely high coverage equivalent to screen printing when a white opaque layer is required. With these inks, higher print speeds can be achieved while ensuring maximum economy.

To achieve coverage equivalent to screen printing, it is recommended to print with an anilox volume of 18 cm3/m2 or higher.

Sericol supernova white inks