UV Lamps


Primarc UV lamps are known worldwide for their reliability and quality. With almost 50 years of design, manufacturing and technical support experience, Primarc manufactures UV lamps for almost all known UV printing and industrial UV machines.

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UV Lamps

Primarc UV mercury lamps with exceptional performance ensure exceptionally good service life. Primarc UV lamps are used worldwide for drying paints and varnishes in the printing, packaging and label industries, as well as in a variety of industrial applications, including optical cable manufacturing, wood products and electronics.

All Primarc UV mercury lamps come with a 1,500-hour service life.

Primarc UV mercury lamps can replace all known UV lamps from other manufacturers:

PRIMARC uv lamps

UV Reflectors

Primarc can also offer reflectors to replace many original manufacturers.

Types of reflectors available:

  • Metal,
  • Quartz glass,
  • Dichroic.