Screen Printing UV Inks

Encres Dubuit

Encres DUBUIT, a renowned expert in industrial screen printing, offers very high quality technical solvent and UV inks.

Encres DUBUIT also produces inks for pad and digital printing.

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Dubuit Fluorescent Ink

UV Fluorescence

The UV fluorescent effect is created by powders that emit rich color light under UV light. The powder is mixed with a clear varnish to create a clear ink that is translucent in daylight and emits one color of light in UV light.

Daylight Fluorescence

In daylight, these inks look intensely colored with bright and rich colors. These materials absorb UV light or short wavelengths of daylight and convert them into visible radiation, thus enhancing their color.

Fluorescent ink is used:

  • Attention seeking,
  • Advertising and packaging (nightclubs),
  • The fight against counterfeiting,
  • Secure printing.
Fluorescent ink in a bottle

Dubuit Scratch Off Ink

Erasable inks are high opacity printing inks used to hide secret data or messages. These inks are designed to be easily removed with a nail or coin. Scratch Off ink will provide excellent opacity, which will completely block the printed information.

Available in silver and gold, as well as fully transparent scratch off varnish.

Dubuit Polyglass Glass Ink

Polyglass is a special series of screen printing UV inks for printing on glass, ceramics, frost-effect glass, cosmetic containers, bottles, ashtrays, candlesticks, furniture. The prints have a high gloss.

  • Withstands 300 dishwasher cycles
  • Suitable for high speed printing
  • Excellent resistance to alcohol and its products (beer, brandy, perfume)
Glass bottles with screen-printed labels


VFP Ink Technologies is a leading player in the European market and is available worldwide. VFP products cover a wide range of applications and materials for a variety of industries such as label printing, laminated PVC cards, bottles, printed electronics and more.

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An innovative product that allows you to print embossed and color images in one pass without using a separate embossed varnish.

  • Saves preparation time
  • Available in 11 basic colors, gold and silver
  • There are no problems with the color and varnish matching
Uvrelcol vpf embossed ink