Flexographic UV Inks

J+S (Jänecke+Schneemann)

Jänecke+Schneemann was founded in 1873 in Germany. Known as a manufacturer of quality flexographic and offset inks with higher than normal color coverage, resulting in less ink consumption.

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J+S UV Supraflex

UV Supraflex series flexographic inks are suitable for many types of materials. Fast-curing inks do not contain any solvents. It has a high gloss, excellent adhesion, does not acquire a yellow tint. Due to the high colour intensity, the consumption of such inks is lower compared to standard inks from other manufacturers.

We can also offer a low-migration ink version for food contact packaging.

Suitable substrates:

  • PVC
  • PE
  • PP
  • OPP
  • PET
  • PS
  • aluminum foil
  • coated and uncoated paper
  • cardboard
J+S UV Supraflex inks


Fujifilm’s high-quality flexographic Sericol inks and varnishes give the products versatility, specially designed for exclusivity in label printing. The ink is especially suitable when you want to achieve various effects that would help to maximize the impression of the product label or packaging.

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Fujifilm Sericol Flexo JD

Sericol Flexo JD is suitable for printing on various substrates. These paints have a particularly intense coverage. Especially recommended for printing on transparencies. A single print pass ensures an opaque layer without the use of an additional opaque white. This allows printers to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Suitable substrates:

  • PE
  • PP
  • PVC
  • TC-PE
  • TC-PP
  • PET
  • coated paper
  • some coated thermal papers
  • metallized foil
Fujifilm Sericol JD inks

Fujifilm Sericol Flexo JD752 Supernova White

Sericol Flexo JD752 Supernova White is an ultra-opaque white ink with an extremely high coverage equivalent to screen printing when a white opaque layer is required. With these inks, higher print speeds can be achieved while ensuring maximum economy.

To achieve coverage equivalent to screen printing, it is recommended to print with an anilox volume of 18 cm3/m2 or higher.

Sericol supernova white inks

Fujifilm Sericol Flexo High Lustre Silver

Sericol Flexo High Luster Silver high-gloss silver paint has such a strong reflection that it can replace the foiling process. Very wide application – the same Flexo JD series substrates are suitable for printing.

It is recommended to print with 18 cm3/m2 volume anilox.

Fujifilm Sericol High Lustre inks