Adhesive Rollers

We supply rolls of adhesive paper for cleaning the paper web from dust in the printing machine.

Cleaning the paper just before the printing process is important to maintain print quality throughout the run. Uncollected paper dust and particles can stick to the raster dots on the print, clog the cells of the anilox roller, or mix with ink and accumulate in unwanted areas of the printing machine.

Teknek paper cleaning station

Rolls of Adhesive Paper

The adhesive paper rolls we supply are suitable for all Teknek, Kelva, Vetaphone and similar paper web cleaning systems.

Technical characteristics:

  • With or without perforation
  • Inner diameter – 38 mm or 76 mm
  • Length up to 1500 mm
  • Number of sheets in a roll – 70 pcs.
Rolls of Adhesive Paper

Rubber Rollers

When rubber rollers that collect dust from the paper and transfer to the adhesive roll are worn, we can replace them with new ones. We adjust the exact rollers according to the model of your web cleaning system – Kelva, Teknek, Vetaphone and others.

Kelva rubber adhesive rollers