Cutting and Creasing Rules


CITO is a manufacturer of the highest quality materials for cutting and creasing packaging. The company was founded in 1906 in Germany. CITO supplies cutting and creasing rules to paper and corrugated packaging manufacturers.

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CITO SuperBend Cutting Rules

HS CITO cutting rules are a great value for money. All HS CITO series cutting rules are made with a hardened edge for the highest quality cutting and longer service life. HS CITO cutting rules flex perfectly due to low-carbon steel, no cracks at the bends.

Offered profiles:


CITO CB cutting rule profile


CITO SB cutting rule profile


CITO CFB cutting rule profile


CITO SFB cutting rule profile

CITO MasterCrease Creasing Rules

HS CITO MasterCrease creasing rules guarantee easy production and use of cutting dies.

Maximum attention and precise production technology ensure the highest requirements for perfect creasing.

  • Most simple visual quality check
  • Guaranteed creasing rule height
  • High process safety during creasing

Standard profile

CITO creasing rule profile