Flexographic Printing Plates and Sleeves

ABC Packmedia

ABC Packmedia is a 40-year-old group of design, production and printing plate production companies operating in Germany and Poland. By partnering with leading photopolymer and elastomer manufacturers such as Kodak, DuPont, Böttcher, Contitech, ABC Packmedia can supply the highest quality printing plates and sleeves.

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Photopolymer Printing Plates

To achieve the highest print quality, we offer Kodak NX photopolymer printing plates. The Kodak DigiCap NX features unique micropatterning technology that extends cyan,magenta and black intensities by 0.4 and yellow by 0.2.

We can also supply cheaper printing plates of DuPontfor simpler print jobs.

Delivery of printing plates:

  • Design preparation (repro) works are performed within 2-3 days
  • Standard delivery of printing plates to Lithuania – 2 work days.
  • Express delivery of printing plates to Lithuania – 1 work day.
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Elastomeric Printing Plates and Sleeves

Elastomeric (EPDM rubber) printing plates and sleeves, which popularized flexography and were later forgotten, are returning to the market. Compared to photopolymers, elastomers have a higher chemical resistance, which is why such printing forms are used for particularly long print runs using aggressive varnishes.

Continuous coating sleeves can be engraved with a special microstructure that allows the optical density of printed inks to be increased so that one ink coating replaces two separate ink coatings.

  • Linescreen up to 150 lpi
  • High resistance to aggressive varnishes and adhesives (ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol, etc.)
  • Long service life – up to 2,000,000 print meters
Contitech elastomeric printing sleeve