Film for Printing


GraphicServices was founded in 2002 and is dedicated to supplying customers with high quality products for the graphics, label and packaging industries.

GraphicServices focuses on PVC and PETG shrink films for shrink sleeves and wine capsules, labels for all types of substrates, various films and foils for paper and cardboard lamination.

GraphicServices headquarters are in Switzerland, however, relying on its network of international agents and several offices abroad, GraphicServices’capabilities and vision are present worldwide.

Graphicservices logo

Shrink Sleeves

  • Blown and calendered PVC shrink films
  • Calendered PETg shrink films
  • Calendered PETg shrink films with 30% PCR (recycled after use)
Chinese cold tea shrink film sleeve
Illy cold coffee shrink film sleeve
Nescafe cold coffee shrink film sleeve


  • Various BOPP and BOPA films with 10-15% biomass for flexible packaging
Ecological film production process

Adhesives (stickers)

Wide range of stickers with all types of front films and layers of parchment paper or PET film

Holographic sticker
Holographic film square
Holographic sticker rays