Flexography Storage Systems


Lettero brand was established in 1994 m. in response to the growing demand for auxiliary equipment in printing houses. Lettero now offers a wide range of specialized warehousing and other fitting systems for flexographic and offset printing houses.

Lettero logo

Sleeve Storage System

Due to its unique design, Lettero printing and anilox sleeve storage system does not require constant maintenance of passages between the shelves, thus saving space in the printing house. Securely vertically mounted sleeves do not deform over time compared to horizontal type storages. These rail-sliding shelves are more stable compared to the hanging type.

  • Individually adapted project according to the client’s needs
  • Available in fixed, manually-sliding or auto-sliding shelves
  • Shelf height – up to 2500 mm
Printing sleeve storage system


Railex has been designing innovative filing systems since 1908. Railex is known worldwide as a master of high quality document and plate warehousing.

All storage files are made from high quality materials in a modern factory in the UK.

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Railex Quickrack Filing Rack

Railex Quickrack filing system is a unique Railex product. Lightweight, quick to assemble, made of strong steel profiles – this means that the shelves can support from 800kg to 1000kg Railex hanging files.

  • Robust steel profiles, a great solution for strength and durability
  • Each Railex Quickrack kit includes rails for hanging files
  • Standard blue-orange profiles and gray profiles on request
  • There are 8 different size versions
  • Compatible with all Railex files
Railex quickstorage rack

Railex PD File

These sturdy Railex PD files are ideal for a variety of contents such as films and printing plates. They are equally useful for storing fingerprint samples and reference prints. The files hang on the rails with two or four sturdy Railex hooks, depending on the size. Millions of these files are used daily around the world.

  • Best suited for storing printing plates
  • Sturdy 402 gm Presspahn cardboard
  • There are fifteen standard sizes, but custom sizes are also available
  • The file expands to 25 mm
  • Supplied with sturdy label holders
  • Up to 50 Railex PD files can be stored in one Quickrack rail
Railex pd file

Railex FM File

Lighter in weight than the Railex PD file, the capacity of the FM file is much smaller in order to hold a straight film or plate inside without curling inside. the inside of the file has a white PH neutral surface, making it ideal for storing and protecting sensitive films.

  • Best for storing flexible die-cutting plates
  • Robust 310 gm cardboard
  • Internal flap for extra dust protection
  • There are six standard sizes, but custom sizes are also available
  • Comes with flexible label holders and labels in seven different colors
  • Up to 80 Railex FM files can be stored in one Quickrack rail
Railex fm file

Railex PP File

Railex PP files are specially designed to hold flexographic printing plates, die-cutting plates, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and works of art. Transparent polypropylene hanging files are in sizes from A4 to 622x746mm. The envelopes are antistatic, tear-resistant and fully recyclable. They are also ideal for use in clean rooms.

  • Durable 500 μm thick polypropylene
  • There are six standard sizes, but custom sizes are also available
  • Outer flap with velcro stickers for maximum dust protection
  • The file expands to 10 mm
  • Up to 80 Railex PP files can be stored in one Quickrack track
  • Label holders are available as an accessory
Railex pp file


Founded in 1947, Jalema plays an important role in Europe in the field of document management and supplies. Private production facilities are important in this position, where innovative archiving products and office supplies are designed and manufactured with great care. This allows Jalema to provide the highest quality at a good price.

Jalema logo

Jalema UNI Rack

Jalema Uni rack is suitable for Job, Uni and Repro files. Uni racks are supplied as DIY kits with clear assembly instructions. Assembly is very simple. Stands can be extended side by side for an unlimited amount. The height of the profiles can be adjusted every 3 cm. The maximum evenly distributed load is 200 kg per profile.

Jalema offers two types of Uni shelves: 400 mm deep shelves for files up to 390 x 495 mm, and racks with a depth of 550 mm, which are suitable for files up to 570 x 695 mm.

Jalema unirack racks

Jalema JOB File

All JOB files have a regular pocket and a second pocket with a dust cover. This allows the printing forms to be kept dust-free and separate from other work materials. File sizes are adapted to the most common printing machine formats. JOB files are made of brown 230 gm Whitekraft cardboard and the inside is lined with a flat, white layer. The largest envelope is made of 300 gm of Whitekraft cardboard.

Jalema job files

Jalema UNI File

Unlike JOB files, UNI files have only one pocket, which of course has a special flap for safe and dust-free storage. UNI files are thinner and cheaper than JOB and REPRO envelopes, but are just as strong and functional. The two largest formats are made of heavier 280 gm Whitekraft cardboard. Ideal for storing flexographic printing plates.

Jalema uni files

Jalema REPRO File

Repro files are identical to JOB files, but with a few minor exceptions. They are made of heavier cardboard (335 gmTenax cardboard) and are gray. Repro envelopes are stronger and sturdier and also come with two pockets.

Jalema repro files