End-seals for Ink Chambers

We supply end-seals for all flexographic printing machines with closed ink chambers. We supply end-seals to the most popular printing machine manufacturers:

  • Bobst
  • Omet
  • Windmöller & Hölscher
  • Gallus
  • Comexi
  • Soma
  • Bielloni
If we do not have a model for your end-seals, we will create a new design based on your original end-seals.
end-seals for inking units

Standard End-seals

In order to select the most suitable end-seals for you, which will not leak the ink and will serve all the time between ink changes, for the first time we strongly recommend testing the products – to select the most suitable material hardness, abrasion resistance.

All end-seals are cut with a high-pressure water jet, which results in precise shapes and uniform dimensions.

Standard End-seals

End-seals With a Teflon Insert

For machines that require particularly long-lasting end-seals, we offer end-seals with a Teflon insert that significantly extends their service life.

These end-seals have a particularly precise construction, as the plastic insert is glued into the engraved cavity.

Soma Optima end-seals with a plastic insert