Die-cutting Plate Storage Systems


The Lettero brand was created in 1994. with the growing need for auxiliary equipment in printing houses. Lettero offers a wide variety of specialized warehousing and other fitting systems for flexographic and offset printing.

Lettero logo

Rotary Cutting Die Storage System

The Lettero storage system for rotary cutting dies saves space between shelves due to its unique sliding design.

  • Individual projects according to the client’s needs
  • You can choose from non-sliding, manual or automatic sliding shelves
  • Shelf height – up to 2500 mm
Storage of rotary cutting dies

Flat Cutting Die Storage System

Letterp storage system for flat cutting dies provides convenience and system. Cutting die sets are stored in cassettes, which are loaded and unloaded with a special adapter. This method of storage helps to deliver cutting forms to the employee faster and without physical effort.

  • Cassette widths from 140 mm to 170 mm
  • There are two or three levels of shelves to choose from
  • Cassettes have space for interchangeable labels for easy kit identification
Cutting die storage cartridge with adapter
Storage of flat cutting dies