Cleaners for Screen Printing

Alkemi (MacDermid)

The new Alkemi brand, formerly known as Autotype and CPS, is part of the MacDermid Graphics Solutions group with more than 150 years of global experience. Alkemi continues the heritage and true commitment to quality and reliability that screen printing printers have trusted for decades.

Alkemi logo

Alkemi Haze Remover HV

Haze Remover HV is a premium haze remover, a safer alternative to traditional high pH removal chemicals. Low caustic gel – free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), safer for workers and ensures that the network is not damaged during use.

  • Ready to use product
  • Low caustic product
  • Without VOC, it is safer for operators and ensures that the mesh is not damaged during use
  • The gel structure reduces the likelihood of paint and diazo stains
  • Used in conjunction with Activator G, A6 to improve paint stain removal efficiency
Alkemi haze remover

Alkemi Screen Wash K3

Screen Wash K3 is a general purpose emulsion stencil cleaner at an affordable price. Ready-to-use medium-evaporation paint cleaner, perfect for removing dried alcohol-based paint on a stencil. Manual use only is recommended.

  • General purpose emulsion stencil cleaner
  • Ready to use medium-evaporation ink cleaner
  • Perfectly removes dried alcohol-based ink on the stencil
  • For manual cleaning
  • K3x stencil cleaner also available (non-emulsion version)
Alkemi screen wash k3

Alkemi Screen Wash A6

Screen Wash A6 is a premium label free emulsifiable Screen Wash suitable for automatic and manual cleaning. Screen Wash A6 is part of the Green Screen range. Low evaporating and low odor.

alkemi screen wash a6

Alkemi Stencil Remover Concentrate 1:20/30

Stencil cleaner concentrate is a concentrated product that is diluted with water and used in stencil manufacturing systems such as direct emulsion and capillary film removal.

  • Top quality stencil cleaner concentrate
  • Concentrated product diluted with water and used to remove stencil production systems (direct emulsions and capillary films)
  • Reduces the amount of packaging used
  • 1 liter of concentrate corresponds to 31 liters of product used
Alkemi Stencil Remover Concentrate stencil remover

Alkemi Degreaser Concentrate 1:20

Top quality cleaner, water-based and dilutable to remove grease and total contaminants from screen printing stencil before applying PLUS emulsions. Excellent antistatic properties and biodegradable – helps to avoid the “fisheye” effect.

  • Top quality degreaser
  • The preparation is water-based and diluted
  • Helps reduce the fisheye effect and coating damage associated with emulsions
  • The product is suitable for use in automatic machines or manually
Alkemi degreaser concentrate