Printing Sleeves and Cylinders

Dantex Group

For more than 50 years, Dantex Group has been supplying various tools for the printing industry: press sleeves and adapters, digital printing machines, water-washable printing forms, mounting tapes and production equipment, anilox sleeves.

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Printing Sleeves

Dantex printing sleeves stand out from the competition with their unique features, which ensure more stable printing even at extremely high speeds, as well as a longer service life.

  • Polyester (PET) is used to cover the surface of the sleeve instead of the usual polypropylene (PP). This provides greater dynamic stability at high speeds. The sleeve is also more resistant to deformation.
  • The inner layers of the thick-walled sleeves are filled with special foam, thus producing a lighter sleeve compared to the standard models of competitors.
  • There are two types of notch to choose from: a stainless steel insert and a stainless steel ring. A metal ring helps to better protect the sleeve during mounting.
  • To further increase the service life of the sleeve, a 3-4 mm thick elastic protection is installed at the ends of the thick-walled sleeves, which absorbs shocks when the sleeve is placed on the floor.
  • Conductive sleeves are made of a specially modified material that makes the product conductive for electricity throughout its volume.
Dantex printing sleeve

Stainless steel notch

Dantex sleeve with metal notch

Stainless steel ring with notch

Dantex sleeve with a metal ring

Elastic side protection

Dantex sleeve with elastic side protection

Printing Sleeve Adapters

Dantex press sleeve adapters have high dynamic stability when printing at high speeds. Key benefits:

  • Adapter wall thickness up to 100 mm.
  • The ends of the adapters are sealed with aluminum rings for maximum wear protection.
  • Conductive adapters are made of a specially modified material that makes the product electrically conductive throughout its volume.
Dantex adapters

Fully aluminum closure

Dantex adapter aluminum end

Aluminum ring with lock (notch)

Dantex adapter metal ring with a notch

Sleeve and Roller Protecting Cover

Dantex sleeve and roller protection cover can be used for printing sleeves and anilox rollers or sleeves. A hard protective surface can protect the surface of sleeves or shafts from various hazards:

  • Impact on a part of the printing machine during the installation of the sleeve,
  • Dropping on the floor
  • Accidental damage to the sleeve on the storage site.
Dantex sleeve cover protection


Wink is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools for the graphics industry. World-renowned manufacturers of labels, packaging and many other cutting products rely on the quality and exceptional service provided by Wink.

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Wink Metal Printing Cylinders

Printing cylinders form the basis of every printing machine and wetherefore manufacture them with the greatest care, in order to guarantee optimum fit and run-out accuracy. Wink printing cylinders are available for all standard flexo and letter press printing presses.

Special designs are also possible based on drawings or samples. Positioning marks (axial and radial) can be added to the extremely finely honed cylinder bodies, in order to facilitate the mounting of the printing plates.

  • Large-format cylinders can be produced  in lightweight versions using  a special hardened coating for longer service life
  • Narrow-web printing machines are made of aluminum sleeves
  • With the help of Wink, the cylindrical type printing machine can be transformed into a sleeved system
Wink metal printing cylinders and sleeves