Cleaners for Flexography


Over the past 25 years, Flexoclean has become the market leader in specialized cleaning products for flexographic printing houses.

Quality and customer satisfaction always come first. Additional added value is offered through scientific solutions.

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Flexoclean Anilox Cleaner

Anilox Cleaner is designed for thorough deep cleaning of ceramic anilox rollers. Anilox Cleaner is suitable for cleaning various water, solvent and UV inks, varnishes and adhesives.

Used in automatic anilox washer:

  • Add Anilox Cleaner undiluted or 1: 1 to water in the anilox washer
  • Washing temperature should be 40-50 ° С
  • Put the anilox roller in the washer and run the standard program
Flexoclean anilox cleaner

Flexoclean Anilox Cleaner Alu Safe

Anilox Cleaner Alu Safe is a special version of Anilox Cleaner for washing anilox rollers with aluminum and diuralumin in the construction. This detergent does not corrode aluminum and is, therefore, safe to use.

Flexoclean anilox cleaner

Flexoclean Corrugated Heavy Duty No. 1

Corrugated Heavy Duty No. Detergent 1 is for daily cleaning of the anilox of the cardboard printing machine. This detergent is suitable for manual cleaning of printing plates and other machine parts contaminated with water-based flexographic inks.

Circulated washing:

  • Flush the system for at least 2 minutes in advance.
  • Dilute the cleaner with water (max. 1:10) and pour into the washing tank.
  • Clean for at least 3 minutes (time depends on contamination).
  • Flush the system with clean water for at least 2 minutes.

Manual cleaning:

  • Dilute the cleaner with water (max. 1:10) and spray or apply to the areas or surfaces to be cleaned.
  • Leave for a few minutes (time depends on contamination).
  • Rinse with clean water

Flexoclean Solvent Buster

Solvent Buster is designed to periodically manually clean anilox rolelrs from water, solvent and UV inks, varnishes and adhesives. With this cleaner, the anilox rolelrs can be washed without removing them from the press.

Use for manual cleaning:

  • Apply Solvent Buster to the roller
  • Rub the shaft with a special metal brush
  • After 5-10 min. rub the shaft again with a special metal brush
  • Rinse with clean water (preferably high pressure) or use a damp cloth to remove the residue
  • Wipe the roller with a dry cloth
  • If dirt remains, repeat the procedure.
  • Do not allow the product to dry on the anilox rollers

Anilox Cleaning Brushes

Brushes with stainless steel bristles specially designed for ceramic anilox rollers.

The bristles are adapted to thoroughly clean the cells of the ceramic anilox without damaging the cell walls.

Stainless steel brush for cleaning anilox

Printing Plate Cleaning Brushes

We offer special brushes with horsehair bristles for cleaning flexographic printing plates.

Bristles of natural origin are as durable as bristles of synthetic type, but are softer and do not damage the raster dots of the printing plate over time.

Horsehair brush for cleaning printing plates