Anilox Rollers

Simec Group

Simec Group (ITALY) is a managed company that has been manufacturing several types of rollers and sleeves for more than 35 industries for the past 60 years. The products are used for the transfer of any type of ink, glue, varnish or to emboss specific properties to a wide variety of substrates, such as nonwovens, paper, fabrics, plastic films, aluminum.

The produced anilox rollers are suitable for flexographic printing machines, varnishing sections of offset printing machines, rotogravure printing.

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STARLOX Ceramic Laser Engraved Anilox Rollers

Simec Group was one of the first companies in the world to start laser engraving on ceramicsin 1987 using a laser. Today it is a reference company in the industry as far as the quality of the products is concerned and one of the few businesses that can boast the control of the entire production chain.

Engraving up to 750 l / cm, database of more than 15,000 codified drawings, fully compliant with the original anilox rollers.

Possible engraving types: 30 °, 45 ° channelled, 60 °, 70 °, TC.

Ceramic anilox roller engraving with laser
Ceramic anilox roller engraving types

DELTOR Chrome Mechanical Anilox Rollers

Simec Group boasts the world’s largest structure dedicated to mechanical engraving, both for the machines and for the coating types that can be processed. Here is the most comprehensive variety of engraving types to choose from, and it is constantly enriched with the latest solutions to match the very latest production lines.

An important advantage is that it is possible to produce shafts up to 1 meter in diameter and 9 meters long.

The following screen configurations are available: Pyramidal section of 110°, Truncated pyramid section 80° and 60°, Hexagonal, Helical with inclinations at 45° and 60° with respect to the roller axis, Helical engraving with a spherical section, Double cell with a spherical section and inclination 70° with respect to the roller axis, Triple cell with a spherical section and inclination 73° with respect to the roller axis, Open cell engravings of rotogravure derivation, Reverse engravings.

Chrome Anilox Roller engraving
chrome anilox roller engraving types